IMG_1202I am Lecturer in Education Studies (Philosophy of Education) at the University of Strathclyde. My university profile.

You can see more about my publications on academia.edu.

After studying Theology I took the MA in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience at Kent University where I first developed my interest in Heidegger. I later did an MSc in Computer Science followed by working in various IT roles (Cisco Systems). I then came back to Kent to pursue a PhD in Religious Studies entitled: Technological Thinking and the Withdrawal of Essence. I looked particularly at Heidegger’s philosophy of technology but also drew upon the likes of Herbert Marcuse and Albert Borgmann.

Research Interests: My main area of research has been the philosophical and theological implications of modern technology. This research project arose from a long-standing interest in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger as well as my own work experience as a networking engineer. My recent work hopes to show that Paul Ricoeur’s philosophical hermeneutics provides an important approach to understanding personal and social agency in relation to technological development. I also have research interests in philosophy of education, specifically the ethics of education. My research interests in education are further informed by my experience teaching in and working with Krishnamurti Schools. A broader network of institutions committed to social and ethical development through education is developing through the work of the following institutions that I am interested in: Brockwood Park School (founded by J. Krishnamurti) Azim Premji University Teacher Education Workshops The School, Chennai.


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