Current Projects

  • Monograph Educational Philosophy for a Post-secular Age (Routledge 2016)
  • Co-editing with Simon Podmore and Duane Williams ‘Mystical Theology and Continental Philosophy’ (Ashgate 2017)
  • Chapter for Wiley Handbook (Education in the Post-secular Age)
  • Chapter with Oren Ergas for Springer Handbook (Eastern Philosophy of Education: Confucian; Taoist; Buddhist; Hindu)
  • Article with Phil Bamber and Morgan White for Journal of Transformative Education (Dis-Locating the transformative dimension of global citizenship education to internationalise the curriculum for all)

Other Recent Publications


  • Forthcoming Talks:
    • Leicester People’s University, May 2016
    • Post-Secular Values and the Sacred Research Group, Canterbury Christ Church University, May 2016
    • International Network of Philosophers of Education, Warsaw, Poland, August 2016
  • Recent Talks:
    • Philosophy of Education, Toronto, Canada, March 2016
    • Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, Oxford, April 2016
    • British Educational Research Association, Leeds, September 2016
    • University of Liverpool: 1-3 July 2015, Silence: A Semiotics of (in)Significance. Title: Silence and Attention in Education
    • Oxford University: 26th-29th March 2015. Philosophy of Education Conference (PESGB) Title: ‘Education without how: the paradoxes of educational and spiritual interventions’
    • Cambridge University: 13th November2014. Philosophy of Education Seminars. Title: ‘Humanising Online Pedagogy: technology, attention and education’
  • Review work (Journals):
    • Reviewer for British Educational Research Association, Philosophy of Education Special Interest Group
    • Reviewer for The Journal of the Philosophy of Education
    • Reviewer for Educational Philosophy and Theory
    • Reviewer for Journal of Education and Christian Belief
    • Reviewer for Angelaki: The Journal of the Theoretical Humanities
    • Book Review Editor for Medieval Mystical Theology: The Journal of the Eckhart Society
  • Review work (books):
    • Routledge (Philosophy of Technology)
    • Routledge (Philosophy of Education)

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